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31 Women

Lisa Noonis Crisscross - 31  Women

LISA NOONIS: Crisscross

Mixed Media on Paper Mounted on Panel  
28 x 18 in

Lisa Noonis grew up in a large, loving Greek family and is still inspired by the memory of her Yia-yia (grandmother) who was patient and present, teaching her that life was like sorting rice—you have to pick out the bad and keep the good. Noonis discovered art early in life, winning first place in a children’s art festival and showing so much talent that her high school art teacher insisted that she go on to art school and pursue a career in the fine arts. After a detour as an engineering student her first year of college, she went on to earn her BA in art, communications and advertising. Noonis worked at a communications firm, then embarked on her own as a freelance graphic designer and art director, eventually forming her own successful advertising, marketing and design company. But something was missing and she always felt the need to express something more personal and more permanent than ads, logos and brochures. She finally made a leap of faith by renting a studio and committing to seriously pursue fine art. Noonis took workshops, studied with masters and painted every day—still life, portraits, landscapes, and anything that would sit still in the studio or in front of her canvas. Her early work and vision were visibly influenced by such masters as Cezanne, Modigliani and Morandi. However, she cites Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler as inspirations for their courage and for the sheer scale and energy in their work. Similarly, Noonis often works in large scale. A 9’ x 19’ span of paper may stay on the studio wall for months, allowing her the time, freedom and space for continuous thought. Once the concepts are complete, she cuts and crops into individual works to be mounted on panels. Lisa Noonis’ creative practice has changed over the years from advertising to fine arts and from there, as realism evolved into abstraction, painting from life into painting from memory, small canvases into large. Today, she continues to evolve and grow as an artist as she explores the objects, people and places in her world.

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