Jeanne Vadeboncoeur 12 Bologna | 31 Women | Whitney Modern

31 Women

Jeanne Vadeboncoeur 12 Bologna - 31  Women


Oil on Canvas  
40 x 30 in

Bay Area artist Jeanne Vadeboncoeur studied art at Laguna College of Art and Design and earned her BFA from San Jose State University. She says “I’ve always been creative but I have a strong analytical side too. I think that’s why my work is so literal and precise.” Vadeboncoeur’s still life paintings, usually rendered in oil with exact precision, explore commonplace objects that we often overlook in our daily lives, such as: gummy bears, a paper airplane, or a library card. Her paintings invite the viewer to find joy in life’s simple pleasures. In contemplating her sense of connection to a particular woman artist from history, Wendy Pini comes to her mind. Pini is the artist and co-creator of an independent comic called Elf-Quest. Vadeboncoeur credits Pini for single handedly launching her from a child who liked art to self-actualized artist. Many of her other female role models have been familial or literary. In particular she recalls the strength and endurance of her librarian paternal grandmother who went back to school for a masters while raising ten children. Literary role models were found in the “sheroes” created by Tamora Piece, Joan Aiken, Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffrey. The characters she connected most to were tough, independent, problem-solving girls and women.

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