Jennifer pochinski | 31 Women | Whitney Modern

31 Women

Jennifer pochinski - 31  Women


Oil on Canvas  
12 x 12 in

Jennifer Pochinski is a Northern California based figurative artist. Raised in Hawaii, she earned a BFA from the University of Hawaii and spent much of her young adulthood traveling to the UK and Europe, finally settling near Athens, Greece in 2003. In late 2010, she and her two children relocated to California. She tells us “My studio practice is considered a ‘space to fail’. I have no specific method for painting. As with most ‘expressive’ painting it is never a linear process.” For years now Pochinski has collected photographic imagery—figures, environments and historical paintings that give her information that she cannot get in life, striving for paintings that were very much of the moment. Now she feels more like an author, each day writing something that feels true to her, at the end putting it together to make a story. The stories of other women artists inspire Pochinski. While reading Ninth Street Women, she was reminded of her love for the work of Lee Krasner, which in person always “stops her in her tracks.” In particular she recalls a story about Krasner being so fed up with her work, she ripped up the canvases and shed them on the floor. A few days later Krasner came back to her studio and found them together looking like collages and it set her on a new, powerful path. In dealing with the emotion that comes when something doesn’t work, it heartens Pochinski to be reminded that “some good can happen when you get to the brink!” Jennifer Pochinski is represented by Dolby Chadwick, San Francisco; b. sakata garo, Sacramento; Tregony Gallery, UK; and Baker Schorr Fine Art, Midland, Texas.