Chris Hayman Sea Point | 31 Women | Whitney Modern

31 Women

Chris Hayman Sea Point - 31  Women


Oil on Canvas  
55 x 55 in

Trained early on as a classical pianist, Christine Hayman is greatly inspired and influenced by music in her life. She was also actively involved in theater and dance at the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati and Baltimore. These creative talents eventually led to her primary focus as a visual artist. In her paintings, Hayman concerns herself with space. She is interested in how forms are energized by the space around them, especially when incorporated into paintings with vivid contrasting color and thick painterly textures. Along with music, she is also inspired by the natural world, and relies on a practice of constant study and exploration of the rural foothills and open lands near her home and studio. Hayman received her BA in Art History at the University of Maryland and a second degree in Art at the University of Reno, Nevada where she began her investigation into painting. She currently resides in Northern California on a farm with livestock, orchards, gardens and beautiful surroundings

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